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<title>Virtual dog, virtual pet - The best guild to online games</title>
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<meta name="keywords" content="virtual dog, virtual pet, online game, online games, browser game, virtual dogs" />
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<meta name="description" content="All about virtual pets, virtual dogs and other browser game" />
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<h2>Cool websites</h2>
Cool websites
Cute puppy
Nice money making tutorial by ScarletDusk
My favourite game on Virtualbark Flash Games
Virtualbark has it’s own flash game section
Making friends on virtual pet sites
Virtual dog tutorial part 5
New items on Virtualbark
Virtual dog tutorial part 4
Virtual dog tutorial part 3
Virtual dog tutorial part 2
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cute puppy 300x225 Cute puppy virtual pet
virtual puppy 290x300 My favourite game on Virtualbark Flash Games virtual dog
Virtualbark flash game
virtualdog15 300x178 Making friends on virtual pet sites virtual dog
virtualdog16 150x150 Making friends on virtual pet sites virtual dog
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{highlighting meta keywords: browser game,online game,online games,virtual dog,virtual pet}
virtual dog virtual pet 8211 the best guild to online games all about virtual pets virtual dogs and other browser games cool websites virtual dog tags browser game cartoon dog dog training drawing flash games online games t shirt tutorial virtualbark virtual dog virtual dogs virtual pet virtual puppy pages about archives october 2008 september 2008 august 2008 cute puppy october 4th 2008 i found a really nice picture about a small puppy by the way keep on playing with virtual pet games posted in virtual pet 2 comments 187 nice money making tutorial by scarletdusk september 26th 2008 browsing on virtualbark 8217 s profiles you know the virtual dog game bring today some nice 8220 extra 8221 knowledge scarletdusk wrote a nice tutorial how to make money on virtualbark you can earn money in a few ways and you can see them below some will take time to earn you money like buying dogs and others are risky like the games but all make you money if you are determined 1 everyday you get 40 gb goldenbones and 5gb per dog added onto that so if you have 10 dogs you 8217 d get the usual 40 for the day plus 5 per dog which is 50 totalling 90gb get it 2 a good way to make money is to take advantage of number 1 with your starting money don 8217 t buy toys kennels or collars you don 8217 t need these at all and it is far better to buy as many dogs as you can with the money you begin with your first four dogs are free and you start making money on them by the next day but from your fifth dog it costs 50gb and takes 11 turns before you start making money on them but believe me it 8217 s worth it 3 play the lottery scratch lottery sudoku and one armed bandit everyday in the games section the lottery is safest and you 8217 re most likely to gain money by playing it but the others are also very good if you have the extra money to risk 4 a great way to save money is to put as much of it as you can in the bank although this may seem obvious a lot of people don 8217 t do it as you need a minimum of 500gb to be able to deposit your money at all it is a great idea though as the interest rate is 5 and you 8217 ll be making 50gb every two weeks with just 1000gb in the bank that 8217 s about it if you carefully combine all or some of these tips you 8217 ll be making money in no time hopefully it helped and good luck on virtualbark i hope you liked it posted in tutorial virtual dog no comments 187 my favourite game on virtualbark flash games september 25th 2008 i just found a nice flash game on virtualbark flash games site it 8217 s called pup world the games is about a blind guy who has a nice puppy which is not virtual dog by the way and the goal is to help this blind guy on some regular things like post a postcard or buy cd or meet with a friend but there are some difficulty in this game lots of people try to get in your way so you can 8217 t finishâ 8220 mission 8221 in time yes there 8217 s a timer ticking you have to finish within the given time also puppy looses 8220 intelligence 8221 when it hits something or get distracted by some other people although i love the buy with the drums but he is also enemy anyway i just wanted to show you this game and here is the url http games virtualbark com game pupworld 98 stay tuned with for more virtual dog virtual pet and browser game news posted in virtual dog no comments 187 virtualbark has it 8217 s own flash game section september 24th 2008 today i noticed that my favourite site virtualbark virtual dog site just got a new section 8211 virtualbark flash games there is so many flash games i myself not played with all but still a great collection updated regulary you can find categories such as action games car and motorsport games other advanture and rpg games logic games sport games strategy games skill games but the best part is if you play a game you get a list of similar 8220 related 8221 games so you can pick the next one which you 8217 ll probably like like youtube but for flash games also you can assemble your own favourite list of games so you can find them easy comments and informtion and rating also avaible so its a fully featured flash game site but only for virtual puppy lovers becouse you need a virtualbark account to leave comments and make favourite list if you only want to play games than you don 8217 t need an account at this browser game so have fun with there i almost forget to tell you the url http games virtualbark com posted in virtual dog virtual pet 2 comments 187 making friends on virtual pet sites september 8th 2008 i gave you a basic tutorial on a virtual puppy game virtualbark but these games are not only for growing pets feeding them earning money lot of the gamers make friends on these sites my favourite virtual dog game virtualbark also offers you this unique opportunity first of all it has inner mail system you can write mails to other users inside the game click on the mail menu than you can see your inbox use the inner menu to write a message check your sent message or filter senders the filter senders menu is important if you get some or a lot of spams sexual conent and so on you can simply deny users to send you messages you can also use the messageboard which is basicly like a marketplace everyone is talking about everything in the same time lots about browser games virtual dogs and virtual pets here you can make friends but i recommend the chat instead its cleaner and has more space to talk like private rooms etc and also its faster and the biggest one is the forum lots of topics lots of people there writing about absolutely everything what comes in their mind there you can report bugs request features to virtualbark game i also updated my blog with a shoutbox feel free to leave message see you next time posted in virtual dog virtual pet 3 comments 187 virtual dog tutorial part 5 august 28th 2008 first second third fourth tutorial is recommended before reading this one today i 8217 m going to show you how to give your virtual dogs a collar and a house in the previous tutorial i explained how to buy things so if you don 8217 t know how read it again so login to virtualbark as usual and click on my dogs click on your dogs 8217 names 8217 fedd them play with them as usual this is explained in tutorial 3 you must see two dark icons in the corner of your virtual puppy 8217 s picture i draw big circles there click on the first one which is the collar icon as i mention before if a virtual pet has a collar and it runs away the police will bring back to you so its a safety item after you clicked on it you get a screen like this if you only see 8220 no collars 8221 here than you don 8217 t have any free collar under the term free collar i mean collar that you own but doesn 8217 t belong to any of your virtual dogs choose the collar you want and click on ok remember collars has their lifetime once its too old your puppy will lose it so time to time you need to buy new one its the same process with the house too althought i will paste here another screen here i got a nice washed do house so i will give it to my virtual dog as you can see the two small icons will change if u give a dog a house or a collar so if you take care of your pet each day you can see if the house or the collar is too old and gone the icons for my virtual dogs is like this now now you know how to take care your virtual dogs on some advanced level see you next time posted in uncategorized 4 comments 187 new items on virtualbark august 27th 2008 today i noticed that 2 new items appeard on virtualbark the best virtual dog game title rubber dice category games price 90 golden bones working life 40 uses description logic game for advanced dogs but they only like it because of the color dogs do not care about the shape or the dots on it they only want a bite from it title rubber duck category games price 300 golden bones working life 150 uses description this bathroom animal fits nice in a dogs mouth chew chew chew these are the keywords it 8217 s nice to see new pet toys at this virtual pet game posted in virtual dog 1 comment 187 virtual dog tutorial part 4 august 26th 2008 as usual please read previous tutorials also first second third can be found here in this tutorial you can learn how to use the shop and how to manage your inventory your stuff login to virtualbark than first take care of your dogs don 8217 t forget that virtual dogs need to be take care of anyway click on shop in menu the shop will offer you 3 kinds of items to buy houses toys which your virtual puppy can play collars clicking on the image of an item will give you more detail on it but if you want to buy stuff drag the picture to the white area below than drop the item it will appear in your cart the animation below shows this how it really works virtual pets need items especially toys to play with collars as i mentioned before good stuff if your virtual dog runs away house also keeps your pet happy all the items you got can be fund under the menu stuff i got only 3 items if you want to delete an item click on remove but i really don 8217 t know why u need to get rid of anything buy it on high price and just throw away 8230 anyway here you can also see working life which means how long this item can be used for houses its day for games its play count for collars its also day see you next time and don 8217 t forget to visit your favourite browser game posted in tutorial virtual dog 2 comments 187 virtual dog tutorial part 3 august 25th 2008 i hope everyone read the first 2 tutorials if you missed it please start at t he first virtual dog tutorial than the second one today i 8217 m going to show you how to take care of a virtual dog in a basic level first login to virtualbark than go to my dogs here you can see all of the virtual pets you have i got two virtual dogs in each row you can see the race of your dog sex and age clicking on the name of your pet will get you to another page here you can see how much food your virtual puppy has under that how much drink it has the happiness is below that and finally the cleanness it say for my dogs that its fine so it is use the lower buttons to feed teach play walk bath you dog if you got more than one virtual dog you can use the next and previous buttons to navigate on the left bottom of your dogs image there are two smaller images one shows your dog 8217 s house the other the collar the house will keep your dog happy happier than normal it 8217 s obvious dogs don 8217 t want to be wet when it rains the other is the collar if your virtual puppy is in a bad mood it may run away if you got a collar tho police will bring your dog back if you don 8217 t well sometimes it comes back sometimes not i hope you enjoyed this tutorial more comming with shop stuffs and advanced food and playing stay tuned and have fun with browser games posted in tutorial virtual dog 1 comment 187 virtual dog tutorial part 2 august 12th 2008 if you didn 8217 t read the first part of the tutorial please start there my goal is give you a hand with this popular browser game in this part i 8217 m going to show you how to buy your first virtual dog first of all you select new dog from the menu then decide what will your dogs name be you can try to use common names like rusty or jack but they are probably in use if they are in use you can try to pick rusty32 or some other alternatives virtualbark gives you like mr jack virtual puppies must have theire unique names than you choose the gender of your dog its not brain surgery male or female dogs last choise is the race of your dog my pick is golden retriver ofcourse if everything goes well you get a nice message that you have your first virtual pet browser games are usully easy but i think some tutorial might not be bad see you in the next part posted in tutorial virtual dog virtual pet no comments 187 laquo previous entries you need to log in to vote the blog owner requires users to be logged in to be able to vote for this post alternatively if you do not have an account yet you can create one here powered by vote it up advertisment your ad here
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