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<meta name="description" content="A True Chiropractic 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that will freely deliver research quality Chiropractic care to the general public especially the worst of the worst. Researching the information gained from our programs. Educating the world about True " />
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Welcome to the Triune of Life
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{highlighting meta keywords: charity,nonprofit,research,triune of life,true chiropractic}
delivering the big idea of chiropractic one specific adjustment at a time at this very hour the world is seething with unrest in its search for not a specialist in this or that or the other but a specialist in mankind as such who views man as combined of spirit soul and body and recognizes that the inter action of the three is so close that they can never touch one without touching all three quot alexander cannon in quot the invisible influence quot what do you want out of life most spiritually aware people agree that we can only live a fulfilling life by obeying that small voice within ourselves the triune of life was created to allow true chiropractic to help that small yet infinite voice that lies deep within you we believe that voice to be the individual s connection to the source of life and health and that it is the key to the true chiropractic meaning of life we believe that this voice is found in every living thing we call it that something the triune of life is here to protect promote and restore the free expression of that something within all of us through the practice of chiropractic and the deductive religion of expressionism it is our deepest belief that 100 health is 100 expression of innate intelligence and thus 100 life what if you were told that the world could be improved upon no doubt right how great would it be if the world could become a place with almost no sickness violence crime starvation insanity pollution cruelty war etc the question is how our answer is expressionism and our way is true chiropractic we have an idea and a wisdom that is so big that by comparison it makes the ideas concepts and powers of money government and inductive systems such as medicine and religion seem obsolete and insignificant in comparison this idea is so big that it includes all that is was and will ever be it is a perfectly natural system of life expression and it s core is based in true chiropractic for centuries mankind has been trying to improve upon a life of want and fear by manipulating the laws of nature at will we have been searching all over the world for happiness and that ultimate feeling of bliss and fulfillment the lesson to this challenge is that the answers can only be found inside of us and can only have meaning if they are made a part of who we are and used in pursuit of fulfilling our divine purpose in this world life can t be improved upon educatedly but life can be set free and kept free to express itself the way the universe intended it to the results we have found indicate that life on earth can now be restored to the way that a universal intelligence aka god gods etc intended the path of mankind has brought us to an abundance of knowledge wealth and health we can begin to simplify our lives without risking or losing a single thing of true value the triune of life is a new jersey based 501 c 3 true chiropractic nonprofit organization designed and created for charitable scientific educational and soon religious purposes by definition chiropractic is the science art and philosophy of things natural we are proud to be the only specific chiropractic nonprofit organization with the sole purpose of helping mankind restore natural balance with the world and thus advancing and restoring us back to the best way of living our lives through the principles and practices of expressionism and true chiropractic we call it the big idea we now know that we can create a system that will greatly help in restoring the freedom and ability of the individual to express their healthy innate being we believe it can be done our science has proven it to be not just possible but probable the true chiropractic art is the best way we know of to restore normal and natural health our true chiropractic philosophy rests on the major premise that the intelligence that gave us all life remains within us throughout our lifetime to fully express ourselves physically mentally and spiritually it is our intention to do our very best by educating the world of the true chiropractic science art and philosophy that this organization is built upon by freely providing extensive highest quality chiropractic care to the public and by researching all of the information that our programs provide us with and then again educating the world of this perpetual development of chiropractic and the lifestyle of an expressionist we invite you to make it a point to try to read and understand everything about true chiropractic rest assured in knowing that this information has improved the quality and quantity of life for millions of people in the past and can help restore the world back to a place for living beings to freely express the inner voice of life itself it may sound too good to be true but we believe that if you completely read this website you will begin to understand the strength and truth of our claims of true chiropractic the opportunity is yours and we hope that you will take the steps necessary to give your life what it needs for a better tomorrow enjoy your journey to a bigger truth you will eventually be able to read all of the literature from the green books the fountainhead the red book and more on our website for now feel free to read the html version of a glimpse by visiting our chiropractic library over time the entire work will be entered a glimpse part 1 5 3 m pdf an introduction to true chiropractic expressionism and the big idea getting the most from our chiropractic website ___________ click among the green links to jump around our website foreword table of contents introduction the big idea the triune of life imagine that something or get it all by following our front to back book format simply click on the blue links next ___________ oh yeah please don t forget to contact us to let us know what you think the information contained in our website was derived from various sources including the chiropractic green books the fountain head and other writings of b j palmer d c phc it is our honor to be a reliable source of truth for the people who want to learn about true chiropractic this website is our way of introducing the world to a better way of life we call it the big idea and it is what this organization will help create in order to restore the natural health of billions of lives thank you for visiting greg trentacosta dc president
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