WINDOWSXPERROR optimized for Windows Xp Error

Optimized for blue screen fix dll error error rundll32 exe fix blue screen of death windows xp error - report created at 2009-11-13 00:54:44
Disclaimer: Following advices are based on my personal experience. They are not perfect, but it can help non seo experts. page is not valid. Please validate html.
For search engines to crawl your website correctly is to make sure you have a valid code.
<title>Windows XP Error</title>
Title should be up to 9 words and to contain the keywords you want to optimize. The other pages from your website should contain diffrent titles, optimized for diffrent or ralted keywords. You can repeat the keyword in title..
Meta Keywords
<meta name="keywords" content="Windows XP Error, blue screen fix, dll error, error rundll32 exe, fix blue screen of death, fix runtime error, windows blue screen error, windows erro" />
The keywords that appear here should be in the page content. The fewer the keywords put in meta, the stronger they will be. Use only words that are in the content of your website.
You have too many keywords. Optimize each page for 2-4 keywords maximum.
Meta Description
<meta name="description" content="Are you experiencing Windows XP Error Messages? Do you need to get your computer checked for Windows XP errors? Are you experiencing the blue screen of death on your computer along with frequent computer freezes and slowdowns? There are lots of different " />
Description is important mostly when search engines show the results and by description people choose or not to visit your site.
SEO Friendly Links
SEO Friendly Links are used to put the keywords in the URL, making it also more user friendly.
Links of your website should looke like
They can be done using Apache Mod Rewrite in .htaccess file.
H1 Tag
<h1>Windows XP Error</h1>
Windows XP Error
H1 tag is one of the most important tags in the website. Be sure it contains the keyword you want to optimize.
H2 Tag
<h2>Windows Error Fix - Error Smart </h2>
Windows Error Fix - Error Smart 
Windows Error - Common Windows Errors
Windows Boot Error 
Windows Blue Screen 
Windows Blue Screen Error Messages 
Windows Dll Error 
Windows Stop Error 
Windows Run Time Error 
The Right Software Will Fix Your Windows Errors WIHOUT Headaches! 
H2 tag should contain related keywords from your main keyword, or parts of your targeted keyword.
ALT images attribute
<img alt="1 - I can do better" />
1 - I can do better
2 - Jury
3 - Pretty darn good
4 - Splendiferous
5 - Awesometastic
In img tags, put alt attribute to describe the image. Try to put images that are related to your targeted keyword.

SEO View for windows xp error

If you see CSS or HTML code you should check that all tags are closed correctly and page validates.

{highlighting meta keywords: blue screen fix,dll error,error rundll32 exe,fix blue screen of death,windows xp error}
Keyword Density

Recommanded density for windows xp error keyword should be between 2.5% and 6%.

  1. error
    77 times
  2. windows
    74 times
  3. your
    53 times
  4. this
    37 times
  5. computer
    34 times
  6. screen
    33 times
  7. blue
    32 times
  8. registry
    21 times
  9. stop
    20 times
  10. system
    19 times
  11. when
    17 times
  12. fix
    16 times
  13. will
    15 times
  14. problems
    15 times
  15. most
    15 times

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