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<h1>speak my mind</h1>
speak my mind
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skip to main skip to sidebar speak my mind hey you gotcha glad you ve visited my blog hope you ll love reading my thoughts and hearts ehe come again home posts rss comments rss 2009 love love love posted by sharie on thursday january 7 2010 comments 2 what a year that was i have said this before i haven t felt more pressured with any other year than 2009 yet i haven t felt more blessed naman 2009 was year of extremes of ups and not so downs of pressure and release i had dozes of struggles but god gave me dozens of cures i just love how god continues to work mightily in my life here s to summarize last year s chain of events jan march been doing everything i could with ize and knic to finish successfully our thesis add to that was my struggle also with some of my major subjects too last week of january i together with the rest of the young people in our church went to a place in our town walked and prayed over it what started as a prayer walk now has a two activities every sunday afternoon one is a children sunday school and and a youth bible study god indeed has been very faithful to us march 28 the day i ve been waiting for 16 years i gracefully graduated although i didn t get any award the moment i stepped up the stage was more than a recognition already i suddenly wonder how it looks like when i ll appear before god one day hmm just a thought april first week of may had my most enjoyed summer vacation i actually asked dad for it as part of my grad gift for us to have a vacation at my birthplace cdo and visit my long lost kindred haha may 11 15 o my unforgettable a week of refreshment and revelation from the lord i joined the discipleship training week of ywam youth with a mission atc august 11 i was employed finally netmarks philippines inc as an it helpdesk thank god i m finding joy in my work naman on every 8 hours i spend my time here since then i haven t blog for years wahaha for the last quarter i was just so happy guess i have to add pictures later back to work links to this post july 29 posted by sharie on tuesday july 28 2009 labels bday mum comments 2 today is my super mum s bday she s now toot hehe you guess how old is she does she look older or younger to be in her late forties haha hope she ll be more blessed with beauty and strength and everything great love her we love her so dear links to this post uninspired posted by sharie on thursday july 23 2009 comments 2 for some unknown reasons i ve been uninspired to blog for the past days though it seems i ve regain my inspiration to blog now as i am writing today i m still uninspired a lot of good and not so good things happened in my life since my last post but i can t sum up everything now but one thing i got a new tech pet i named her sawyer which i followed from my other techie pet jimjam hehe all thanks to god hope i ll be a tamad blogger no more hehe links to this post theory 101 jobless filipinos posted by sharie on sunday july 5 2009 labels filipinos jobless theory comments 3 my sister hannah asked me to help her make a theory why many filipinos remained jobless and this is what i told her one reason perhaps that many filipinos remained jobless these days is because of the attitude of laziness and the 8220 bukas na lang 8221 mindset or very much known as 8220 ningas kugon 8221 though we are branded to be hardworking and persevering people i think the character of the infamous juan tamad whom we have been often times associated with lies within every native of this land i do not wish to generalize this unlikely attitude that we ourselves have agreed upon ever since someone created that fictional filipino character but we didn 8217 t disagree with whoever that someone was we didn 8217 t diverge the fact that it implies we even laughed about it and embraced all the shame it brought us some filipinos tend to depend on their relatives when things go wrong we go to the people who can help us we count on so much to people around us and sadly many among us rely on luck just as lazy john relied on gravity to do its work on the guava fruit you don t agree so as i thought then i should be continuing to my other theory the lesser evil one haha but for a more acceptable reason yet indeed appallingly serious many filipinos nowadays are jobless because of the fact that there are limited job openings being offered sadly the few openings require a well experienced individual leaving the newly grads or inexperienced people still unemployed this problem was even worsened by the inevitable effect of the 8220 global recession 8221 leaving the less experienced plus those people who were fatally affected by it people who were laid off and lost jobs locally and abroad both jobless there better ehe links to this post tired period posted by sharie on tuesday june 23 2009 comments 1 so what about today it actually mirrors the same face as yesterday it only changed outfit with more accessories on i went again for another exam only now at makati talking about another company this time it was an it exam haha and the result was not yet given they told me they ll just text me about that wooh as if i believe them they only said that as an excuse wished they have informed me right after that i didn t pass or that may be i did pass but they preferred other applicants i would ve easily accepted that they told truth than said excuses by letting me wait for long or worse nothing deep inside me i believe i passed their test so i wonder why prolong the news by the way i saw kulas perez there applying for the same position as i applied for hope he got better news than mine anyway moving on i headed to the ladies room after the hr s announcement then there i saw a bloody announcement oh my period i wasn t prepared no signs not even a short notice what the oh fate i forgot my tissue worse no vendo a hundred exclamation there what now what else will i do but flee i walked away looked for a convenient store hoping ayala has one then i saw the answer to my prayers a convenient store with green details and the number 7 and 11 on it thank god my next dilemma the store has no room for changing diapers neither can i go back to the building where i came from nor enter others without business agenda mine is personal i can t tell the guards my should be kept hidden agendum i had to find a place like like jolibee after a while i found a perfect settlement at the place of the bee s great rival how can i thank mr ronald d i decided to buy pancakes and hot choco to repay him besides i needed comfort food catch a bus and go back home you know i love ayala so much i mean the place ok but now i had second thoughts mr ayala avenue showed me unkindness this morning after all the unlucky things i ve gone through he had me walked from rufino to almost near makati ave just to catch a ride on a bus i hated his loading unloading policy isn t it unfair that he has more unloading sheds completing my diary of today s trip after makati is mandaluyong i went to omf lit again my real purpose was to get my membership card but it isn t available yet so off i went to my second plan buy books that will interest me got 3 new preys there ehehe i also went to nbs in galleria to buy hannah a tickler notebook then i went home tiring and bloody but then again this is a day that the lord has made i will rejoice and be glad in it links to this post older posts the blogchief sharie hey you this is sharie your blogista in charge i would love to be called sha shang or ate only when your 3 or more years younger than me this blog was especially created for you who s now reading this hope you d pass by more often leave comments if you like but please spare me of the indecent and vulgar words since this blog contains everything about my life and the lives of others as well i d like to share one truth about it life is not about us it s all about god he doesn t exist for us we exist for him life must be lived each moment bringing all glory to the ever glorious one view my complete profile what i m doing tweet what i m doing tweet follow me on twitter shoutprint my other cybernooks heaven s got blog rainbow 2 weeks ago 9829 9829 sharie 9829 9829 reunited 1 year ago see if i m online blog archive 9660 160 2010 1 9660 160 january 1 2009 love love love 9658 160 2009 16 9658 160 july 3 july 29 uninspired theory 101 jobless filipinos 9658 160 june 5 tired period funny day is still a good day june 11 2009 gossip girl season 2 finale a bum 39 s life 9658 160 may 4 reunited the greatest 5 day so far i 39 ll go vacation grande 9658 160 april 1 graduation 9658 160 january 3 thesis possible whew binondo the second time around 9658 160 2008 28 9658 160 december 6 kimerie what a nice way to end the school year missing my dad c quot lost in no space tutuban quot golden boy no more a proof that i 39 m now old 9658 160 november 3 my trip to chinatown just stand up saved the best for last 9658 160 september 3 final rantings realizations for others reasons for me gossip girl season 2 premiere 9658 160 august 1 globe innovation convention globe labs launch 9658 160 june 3 dorming in manila june 6 2008 the end of my ojt ojt 39 08 9658 160 may 3 gossip girl s01 review vlogging workshop at yehey rule breaker 9658 160 april 9 iblog4 summit malling while working anu nga kaya featuring this blog blogging segments types of blog searching researching i 39 ve got homeworks not even a hint just a click away an apple a day carameldelicious ariayvs announcement cancelled accounts the little big girl speaks up hope and gratitude my mind s version of a happy meal jordan s site our 1st anniv d sino sikat i 8217 ve moved abstracted21 blessed to be a blessing hepatrip red ribbon s mores chocolate cake followers hits search this blog loading 160 copyright 2009 speak my mind powered by blogger blogger template by deluxe templates wordpress theme by ezwpthemes
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  1. this
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  2. love
    12 times
  3. was
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  4. but
    11 times
  5. blog
    11 times
  6. more
    11 times
  7. what
    10 times
  8. now
    9 times
  9. sharie
    8 times
  10. one
    8 times
  11. about
    8 times
  12. just
    8 times
  13. god
    8 times
  14. not
    7 times
    7 times

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