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<title>Famous quotes and Folklore</title>
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Meta Keywords
<meta name="keywords" content="quotes,famous quotes,famous authors,murphy laws,proverbs,spells,incantation,old sayings,riddles,fairy tales,traditional songs,carols,superstition,trad" />
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Meta Description
<meta name="description" content="RightWords gathers right words from all times and from all over the world, with different themes, written by famous authors or words said by the forefathers-folklore: famous quotes, famous authors, Murphy" />
Description is important mostly when search engines show the results and by description people choose or not to visit your site.
SEO Friendly Links
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Links of your website should looke like http://www.example.com/page/article.html
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H1 Tag
<h1>Famous quotes and Folklore</h1>
Famous quotes and Folklore
H1 tag is one of the most important tags in the website. Be sure it contains the keyword you want to optimize.
H2 Tag
<h2>Famous quotes</h2>
Famous quotes
Famous quotes, Themes
Famous quotes, Authors
Folklore, Categories
Folklore, Countries
Dictionary, Encyclopaedia
Random authors
H2 tag should contain related keywords from your main keyword, or parts of your targeted keyword.
ALT images attribute
<img alt="RightWords, Famous quotes, Folklore" />
RightWords, Famous quotes, Folklore
Limba Romana: RightWords.ro - Citate celebre, Folclor
English Language: RightWords.eu - Famous quotes, Folklore
Biography Alexandru Ecovoiu
Biography Andre Malraux
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{highlighting meta keywords: famous authors,famous quotes,murphy laws,proverbs,quotes}
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Keyword Density

Recommanded density for quotes keyword should be between 2.5% and 6%.

    44 times
  2. folklore
    16 times
  3. famous
    10 times
  4. was
    7 times
  5. born
    7 times
  6. authors
    7 times
  7. carols
    6 times
  8. last
    5 times
  9. countries
    4 times
  10. old
    4 times
  11. top
    4 times
  12. themes
    4 times
  13. categories
    4 times
  14. thou
    4 times
  15. want
    4 times

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