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For search engines to crawl your website correctly is to make sure you have a valid code.
<title>IT Maintenance, Support and Consultancy Services in London - Reliable Networks</title>
Title should be up to 9 words and to contain the keywords you want to optimize. The other pages from your website should contain diffrent titles, optimized for diffrent or ralted keywords. You can repeat the keyword in title..
Title is too long. Reduce the title size.
Meta Keywords
<meta name="keywords" content="it maintenance, it support service, it support uk, managed it, london it security, web design london, backup london, cabling services, network securit" />
The keywords that appear here should be in the page content. The fewer the keywords put in meta, the stronger they will be. Use only words that are in the content of your website.
You have too many keywords. Optimize each page for 2-4 keywords maximum.
Meta Description
<meta name="description" content="Reliable Networks provides IT Maintenance and Support Services in London, our innovative, managed IT support model uniquely extracts further efficiencies from existing SME business IT infrastructures." />
Description is important mostly when search engines show the results and by description people choose or not to visit your site.
SEO Friendly Links
SEO Friendly Links are used to put the keywords in the URL, making it also more user friendly.
Links of your website should looke like
They can be done using Apache Mod Rewrite in .htaccess file.
Your website doesn't have SEO friendly links!
H1 Tag
H1 tag is one of the most important tags in the website. Be sure it contains the keyword you want to optimize.
H1 tag does not exist.
H2 Tag
H2 tag should contain related keywords from your main keyword, or parts of your targeted keyword.
H2 tag does not exist.
ALT images attribute
<img alt="" />
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In img tags, put alt attribute to describe the image. Try to put images that are related to your targeted keyword.

SEO View for it maintenance

If you see CSS or HTML code you should check that all tags are closed correctly and page validates.

{highlighting meta keywords: it maintenance,it support service,it support uk,london it security,managed it}
home support services project management security data backup cabling office relocation mobile technologies web design and development software development clients about twitter blog contact content on this page requires a newer version of adobe flash player providing protection speed and competitiveness 8230 whether you 8217 re a growing sme or an expanding corporate one of the most common features of a successful business is the presence of effective information technology that 8217 s why at reliable networks we focus our managed it support services on preventing downtime not just reacting to it for us there are two types of support 8211 one is disabling the other enabling we employ the latter most of our competitors use the former we don 8217 t even think in terms of propping up your it infrastructure we concentrate on delivering solutions that enable your business to do the extraordinary empowering your staff enhancing your company 8217 s performance and increasing your bottom line we call this profit technology here are our 8220 top 12 deliverables 8221 we 8217 ll apply to your business 8230 ensure a thorough understanding of your company 8217 s objectives accurately audit your entire it footprint twice per year to support the above maximise proactive support minimise reactive assistance drive the it targets to meet agreed budgets through efficiencies and buying power constantly research report on 8220 big effect 8221 technology for your competitive advantage attend and or lead quarterly it strategy meetings at your offices create a complete 8220 smart 8221 working environment in the office at home and while on the road enable your dedicated virtual support service and customer area on our website test all upgrades and system amendments before implementing changes resolve 80 of all outages within 60 minutes on or off site regular and automated data back up to your preferred schedule all at an affordable fixed monthly cost
Keyword Density

Recommanded density for it maintenance keyword should be between 2.5% and 6%.

  1. your
    12 times
  2. support
    6 times
  3. our
    4 times
  4. business
    3 times
  5. technology
    3 times
  6. all
    3 times
  7. enable
    2 times
  8. most
    2 times
  9. one
    2 times
  10. this
    2 times
  11. home
    2 times
  12. development
    2 times
  13. company
    2 times
  14. data
    2 times
  15. services
    2 times

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