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This privacy and information collection policy explains how we obtain information made available on the website (the “Site”), and governs the information you provide us, whether actively (e.g., personally Identifiable Information you submit to us) or passively (e.g., information we obtain through the use of Cookies). The policy does not govern the entries or edits (content) you submit to the Site. That information is dealt with separately at this link Terms and Conditions of Use. Any revised privacy and information collection policy shall be effective immediately after it is posted on the Site, either at this location or at any other location accessible via the front page of the Site.

If users have questions or concerns regarding this statement, they should contact SEO Bugs at contact [at] We will endeavor to respond to every inquiry. However, the volume of inquiries we receive at any given time may prevent us from promptly responding to your inquiry.

How We Obtain The Information We Make Available On The Site

SEO Bugs compiles information regarding websites from the publicly available “whois” databases which domain name registries and registrars publish on the Internet. We also obtain information regarding websites from other publicly available sources (e.g., Alexa) and from the “about us” section of websites. (sometimes we get info from other similar pages, like the main page, but we don’t go deep) We then make that data available, along with a link to the websites, in a centralized location at the Site. While we only make available from the Site data which is publicly available (either from publicly available whois databases, from public areas of websites, or otherwise), we may make available contact information for a website.

To stop indexing your website or to remove a report please see remove website.