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<title>Some of the most unique and unusual living gifts on the web </title>
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<meta name="keywords" content="micro marine environment, ecosphere novel gift, amazing ant homes, living shrimp, plant growing kits, living trees, unique living gifts" />
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<meta name="description" content="Delivered to your door a great selection of unique and unusual live gifts. Probably the best selection of living gifts you will get on line." />
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<h1>Welcome to all our Living Gifts,</h1>
Welcome to all our Living Gifts,
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<img alt="Right Side Bar" />
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Living Gifts Header
Living Gifts Footer
Small Ecosphere picture
Oval Ecosphere
Ecosphere Box
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{highlighting meta keywords: amazing ant homes,ecosphere novel gift,living shrimp,micro marine environment,plant growing kits}
www living gifts co uk a selection of novel amp ethical live gifts home ecospheres magic fish ant homes trees grow it kits about us privacy statement contact us copy www living gifts co uk all rights reserved designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners home ecospheres magic fish ant homes trees grow it kits about living gifts privacy welcome to all our living gifts where i have selected some of the most fascinating and unique live items for sale on the web products range from plants through insects to fresh water amp sea life all living creatures on this site are ethical and sustainable and i have researched the products to ensure as far as possible that the creatures are well cared for prior to purchase and can be easily maintained and cared for by you the customer ever since i was a child i have been fascinated by collecting caring for and rearing plants and animals from collecting frog spawn or toad spawn from which my mother still has a healthy garden population many years on to keeping and breeding tropical fish which i still do i would like to share my passion by making the unique products on this site available to you just click on the more info button to find out more about these living gifts ecospheres ecospheres are the worlds first totally enclosed ecosystem they are a complete self sustaining and self contained miniature world totally fascinating the system is completely sealed and contains all the ingredients to sustain ongoing life for your shrimps all you have to do is provide indirect natural or artificial light and a consistent temperature and your ecosystem will thrive without further attention the ecosphere is a result of technology developed by nasa‚ s research laboratories whilst researching self contained communities for space explorers to survive in during long term space flights more info gt gt gt magic fish antworks ant houses these gel filled ant houses contain a non toxic gel which allows the ants to build their tunnels and provides the ants with a source of nutrition this unique environment provides hours of entertainment as you watch these fascinating and intelligent creatures at work more info gt gt gt magic fish is an amazing kit that will fascinate the whole family you take the magic fish tea bag place it in water and within 12 24 hours you have your own live magic fish these fish are commonly known as killifish which live in african streams or lakes which commonly dry out which is when the adults lay their eggs which remain dormant until the rains come again so this is a completely natural and sustainable product more info gt gt gt trees delivered to your door a full range of trees to suit any budget delivered directly to your door from traditional british varieties to something a bit more exotic there is something here for everyone from the keen gardener to the person with just a small patio or balcony more info gt gt gt grow it kits a range of plant grow it kits complete with everything you need to get you started with some common and not so common plants from your garden favourites designed to attract butterflies to the carnivorous variety to help control house flies more info gt gt gt
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