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Meta Keywords
<meta name="keywords" content="widget,widgets,theme,wordpress,video,youtube,myspace,android,iphone,blogging,plugin" />
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<meta name="description" content="About Wordpress themes, widgets, plugins and other stuff" />
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Links of your website should looke like http://www.example.com/page/article.html
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H1 Tag
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H2 Tag
<h2>Cool sites</h2>
Cool sites

Valid Code

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ALT images attribute
<img alt=";-)" />
Slincraze and Aimen with saami rap
Android 2.2 Official Video
Transjoik - Mustai Amaia
Android 1.6 Official Video
Mun ja mun
The New Android Market
In img tags, put alt attribute to describe the image. Try to put images that are related to your targeted keyword.

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{highlighting meta keywords: theme,video,widget,widgets,wordpress}
home about contact search donate widgets daiko 8217 s video widget daiko 8217 s text widget daiko 8217 s youtube widget privacy daikos net about wordpress themes widgets plugins and other stuff sorry for the lack of updates january 26th 2009 by daiko for some months now i 8217 ve neglected my faithful users with absolutly no updates and or bug fixes for me the widgets have been a leisure project with no plans to use them commercially nor as a career change i 8217 m still uncertain whether i 8217 ll get any spare time to pick up where i left in the forseeable future on the other hand it is comforting to know that the code is out there for anyone to improve and develop further look at this as a small sign of life from me and an open invitation to those of you feeling tempted to carry on where i left it is actually fun if you have the time and very rewarding to watch the download numbers just ticking away i will continue to write and keep the site running so let 8217 s just keep in touch daiko tags video widget wordpress youtube downloads video widgets wordpress youtube widget 13 comments view blog reactions the social network as a government vehicle october 6th 2008 by daiko facebook twitter digg wikipedia myspace and others have simply revolutionized the way we act online and socialize on the web from regarding the web as a place to publish your content for others to read if they find it the web has truly become a place where people meet and interact the connection and interaction between people on these sites and with these tools has just amazed us all it is slowly but steadily putting the individual and its personal features center and instead of focusing on what they may have recently published a hurdle for many the individual is right there able and ready to share the things they know with people they know the hurdle to share things with a more focused group of people whether being relatives schoolmates former collegues or friends is much lower than just throwing it out in cyberspace to a bunch if you 8217 re lucky of anonymous readers suddenly the web becomes more humane simply because sites become people the one group lagging behind here are governments few governments and their agencies have taken on board the obvious challenge of through social networks actually using the possibility to engage in a direct dialogue with their constituency the mantra should of course be 8220 follow the audience 8220 traditional media simply isn 8217 t enough if you need to reach your audience simply because a lot of them aren 8217 t there like they used to be continue reading 8216 the social network as a government vehicle 8217 tags buddypress digg facebook government 2 0 liferay myspace social network twitter web 2 0 wikipedia wordpress buddypress digg facebook government 2 0 liferay 20 comments view blog reactions daiko 8217 s youtube widget now in norwegian june 23rd 2008 by daiko daiko 8217 s youtube widget is now available in norwegian translated by yours truly 8230 in addition there is a pot file included for other enthusiasts to translate it into their languages please send me a copy of your po and mo files if you do so for inclusion in the official download and don 8217 t hesitate to report any problems 8230 as always have fun tags download norsk norwegian video widget wordpress youtube downloads open source plugins video widgets wordpress youtube php widget 1 comment view blog reactions enjoy some videos on daiko 8217 s tv may 21st 2008 by daiko this is basically a test of the amazing service provided by mogulus they let the users produce their own live recorded video channel including clips from youtube you can include collaborators and run a multi camera show from multiple location with total control over the broadcast right from your browser this is simply fantastic this is my channel where i show you some clips from the youtube archive of some of the best saami artists tags channel live mogulus produce tv video live mogulus youtube tv yoik add a comment view blog reactions insoshi going public first impressions april 30th 2008 by daiko i must say i 8217 m very impressed with the look and feel of insoshi after strugling to get it up and running on my mac a path error resulted in macport not installing thus freeimage install having problems i started to play around with the default users and lorem postings as with all new systems you spend some time wondering whether things are bugs or features these are some of my initial questions 1 too open information when not logged in being used to facebooks closed environment you soon wonder whether it is intentional to show all people and blog forum posts to non members at least that could be controlled by admin 2 what do you gain by being connected you get a limited feed but you still get to see the full profile of people as i understand it you can also send messages to people you are not connected to 3 how about an invitation only option if insoshi could be used as a closed social network that was open by invitation only it would be the perfect tool for larger networks of professionals i guess that could be an admin option to configure that 4 no upload function the blog feature is very limited i miss the oportunity to upload files and photos i 8217 m not that concerned with text formatting tools again the size limits for uploads must be possible to control by admin all in all i really think insoshi has something going here and a long awaited open source social network has a bright future tags insoshi open source ror ruby on rails social network insoshi open source ruby on rails social networking 2 comments view blog reactions daiko 8217 s youtube widget update april 8th 2008 by daiko i 8217 ve updated the daiko 8217 s youtube widget with support for 8220 post in category ies 8221 conditional testing that means that you will be able to specify that the widget will only display on certain posts belonging to certain category or categories the widget will also display on the respective category archive pages please enjoy and report any problems with it since this widget actually includes two widgets the videoplayer also make sure you test the flexibility of being able to change the way you display the video 8217 s from the various youtube widgets you have running download it here daiko 8217 s youtube widget have fun tags swfobject thickbox video widget wordpress youtube downloads plugins swfobject thickbox video widgets wordpress youtube widget 4 comments view blog reactions daiko 8217 s text widget update april 4th 2008 by daiko after a question from one of my users i 8217 ve included an additional conditional tag option in the widget that shows the widget only on posts belonging to a specific category or even a collection of categories it will also display on the respective category archives check it out and please give me feedback on it 8217 s functionality you find it here tags conditional tags php text widget wordpress downloads plugins widgets wordpress php text 2 comments view blog reactions macworld 2008 keynote leaked january 15th 2008 by daiko as we all wait for steve jobs to reveal the secrets that bloggers and others have been speculating on for months now it seems that someone has put the 2008 keynote up on wikipedia later removed as vandalism fraud or leak it looks rather convincing and you can compare it to the actual keynote later on today macworld january 2008 keynote rough outline draft 5 continue reading 8216 macworld 2008 keynote leaked 8217 tags apple iphone ipod itunes keynote leak macbook macworld steve jobs macbook macworld aapl iphone ipod itunes keynote 5 comments view blog reactions finally user experience rules mobile development january 7th 2008 by daiko 2008 will be the year of iphone competitors rivaling the user experience introduced by apple inc on mobile handsets the interesting part is that there are several new comers in the open source segment linux seems to dominate the field while taking different approaches the goal seems the same establishing solid alternatives to windows mobile and symbian continue reading 8216 finally user experience rules mobile development 8217 tags android apple gphone iphone limo linux openmoko user experience apple google limo openmoko android gphone iphone linux mobile 2 comments view blog reactions android get people excited about the possibilities november 21st 2007 by daiko personally i find the recent clarification from google on the gphone a huge relief google simply or not wants to give all handsets the power of iphone when it comes to os and extensibility although the boring big play stupid what will customers get on an android powered phone that they can‚ t get on their current devices new content new applications will the system be secure enough to prevent viruses hacking and other potential problems what safeguards will be in place to protect customer‚ s privacy if gmail is the default e mail how easy will it be for customers to access other email platforms at amp t we‚ re unsure what android brings to the table google phone others really sees the potential in the concept google has come up with when launching the linux based java supported or java like foundation for a new mobile os continue reading 8216 android get people excited about the possibilities 8217 tags alliance android google handset mobile nintendo open tivo tv apple google android gphone linux mobile 7 comments view blog reactions laquo previous entries youtube widget by daiko cool sites create your own website wordpress themes favors by moments of elegance free ebay templates social networking sites valid code what daiko is reading videos dribler in amsterdam video widget by daiko meta log in entries rss comments rss wordpress org daikos net is powered by wordpress 2 5 1 and unnamed 1 217 by xu yiyang entries rss and comments rss bad behavior has blocked 908 access attempts in the last 7 days loading
Keyword Density

Recommanded density for widget keyword should be between 2.5% and 6%.

  1. daiko
    24 times
  2. widget
    23 times
  3. youtube
    17 times
  4. wordpress
    13 times
  5. blog
    12 times
  6. video
    11 times
  7. tags
    11 times
  8. view
    10 times
    10 times
  10. people
    10 times
  11. will
    10 times
  12. reactions
    10 times
  13. social
    9 times
  14. widgets
    9 times
  15. open
    9 times

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