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{highlighting meta keywords: breathable bumper,crib bumper,crib bumpers}
breathable bumper a complete overview on breathable bumpers home about search for categories breathable bumper crib bumper uncategorized june 2011 m t w t f s s laquo may 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 recent comments top 5 breathable bumpers posted on 2nd june 2011 in uncategorized top five breathable bumpers breathable bumpers are basically crib bumpers installed in infant beds that allow your baby to roll around and continuously breathe even when he or she is pressed up against the side of the infant bed breathable baby universal crib bumper by breathablebaby this unit retails at 21 49 on amazon and is designed to not only reduce the risk of suffocation but also prevent entanglement should your curious offspring become curious enough to attempt a climb over the sides of the crib the breathable bumper will collapse under the extra weight thereby keeping your baby contained in the safety perimeter the breathable baby universal crib bumper is also soft and generously padded so that all of the little limbs of the infant will be gently and safely kept within the perimeter of the crib this breathable bumper is also designed to fit infant cribs with ends that are slatted and can easily attach itself with hook and loop fasteners thanks to its easy wrap design the award winning patent pending breathable bumper is constructed from air channel technology that promotes air circulation is hypoallergenic and dries quickly after a machine wash this product is particularly effective for drop side cribs as the mesh bumper remains in place even when the drop side slides down carters super soft bumper by carter 8217 s although it is priced slightly higher at 29 99 carters super soft bumper is made to fit all standard crib mattresses 28 8243 x 52 8243 and is made with machine washable soft velour if you would like your baby to sleep on extra soft padding then this polyester fabric will be akin to lining your infant crib with fluffy blankets that are both durable and cute if you 8217 re looking for an alternative to investing in a bedding set then carters super soft bumper is an economical option tadpoles classics gingham crib bumper by tadpoles the tadpoles classics gingham crib bumper is probably one of the higher end models as it retails at 40 77 on amazon this breathable bumper comes in nine different colors all of which are color coordinated against the rest of the tadpoles basics collection the reason why this breathable bumper is so much more expensive is because it is made from 100 yarn that was dyed with 200 thread count cotton gingham further backed with coordinating solid cotton if you 8217 re worried about the color choices you 8217 ll be glad to know that all of the colors come in soft nursery friendly hues that add a touch of innocence and energy to any room without running the risk of being gaudy at all summer infant in transit bumper by summer infant a cheaper option to the tadpoles classics gingham crib bumper would be the summer infant in transit bumper by summer infant currently retailing online for 39 99 one major benefit of the summer infant in transit bumper is that this breathable bumper can fit most standard size cribs and is well padded enough to protect the baby from hard crib rails reversible infant stim crib bumper panel amp book in one by genius baby toys a much cheaper breathable bumper would be the reversible infant stim crib bumper panel amp book in one priced at 16 95 and comes in tri colors on one side and bright colors on the other end one great feature that this breathable bumper has that other products don 8217 t is that it also comes with brightly colored colors that encourages the baby to play on their own while they are awake comments 0 187 a review on breathable baby bumpers posted on 1st june 2011 in breathable bumper crib bumper the breathable baby bumper is touted as the new and improved version of the traditional baby crib bumper it 8217 s supposed to promote air flow protect your baby 8217 s body parts during bumping incidents and it should also keep your baby safe within the crib at all times the reason why you would want a breathable bumper that comes with plenty of air flow is because you wouldn 8217 t want your infant lying around in an enclosed space with poor ventilation according to the babycenter australia medical advisory board using a baby crib bumper is one of the main reasons why sudden infant death syndrome sids occurs if you press your nose against the thick fabric used in baby crib bumpers you would notice that it certainly is uncomfortable to breathe through the material on the other hand pressing your face against the mesh like material of the breathable bumper yields an altogether different result for one thing you can easily breathe in and out even with the breathable bumper fabric pressed against your nose the goal of a baby crib bumper is to pad your baby whenever he or she rolls and bumps into the side or corners of the infant crib to achieve this effect the traditional bumper is well padded and thick to ensure that the baby is comfortable even after they 8217 ve just bumped their heads against the side of the crib while the breathable bumper has a mesh like fabric the product is designed to be pulled taut against the crib slates thereby giving a buoyant affect that is able to pad the baby from drastic impacts during a bumping incident unlike the traditional baby crib bumper that can only fit certain kinds of infant cribs the breathable bumper is compatible with most crib styles regardless of whether it 8217 s a standard drop side fixed side convertibles or if it is a sleigh crib there also have been cases where infants would tragically strangle or choke themselves on the additional strings or ropes that come with traditional baby cribs the breathable bumper on the other hand comes with velcro‚ which means that any adult can easily fasten the bumper around the crib quickly and safely best of all kids at that age will also not be strong enough to pull apart the velcro‚ bindings which also happens to be machine washable at the end of the day it 8217 s more important that you protect your child with a bumper rather than to go without for one thing all that bumping and knocking around can 8217 t be healthy for their well being for another thing all children are bound to get their hands and feet stuck between crib railings at one point of another and the easiest way to prevent this distress is to line your crib with a bumper some children also tend to get disturbed and cry out when their favorite toy or pacifier falls out between the railings of the crib so it 8217 s always a good choice to keep their mood happy by making sure that all of their treasures won 8217 t ever fall out of the infant crib by securing the perimeter with a breathable bumper comments 0 187 why your baby needs a breathable bumper posted on 31st may 2011 in breathable bumper uncategorized the truth of the matter is that an empty infant crib without a baby crib bumper looks stark and uncomfortable once you install a baby crib bumper though your baby will then have a much cosier surface for the baby to lean against and the crib will also look extra adorable the problem is that baby crib bumpers can also become a death trap especially for infants under the age of 6 months then again there are also those who believe that babies over the age of 6 months should also not be kept in baby crib bumpers as the baby has now acquired motor skills that will allow them to roll over on her stomach and onto her back a baby at this age will also be learning how to sit up without being supported as well the problem with an active baby is that this also means he or she will be liable to roll around and get stuck at the sides and corners of the baby crib bumper and suffocate other infant death cases also involved babies being strangled or dying from sudden infant death syndrome sids while resting in a baby crib bumper as well if you would like to have the comfort of a baby crib bumper installed in your infant crib minus the potential health hazards then the breathable bumper is a viable solution to your parental woes regardless of whether it is a traditional bumper or breathable bumpers all bumpers are essentially a long piece of material that is linked along the slats of your baby 8217 s crib and is positioned just above the crib 8217 s mattress the breathable bumper has the added advantage of being constructed from mesh like material whereas the traditional bumper is made from thick pieces of fabric that is not conducive to air ventilation according to the website stop sids now the use of baby crib bumpers are the sole reason why infants die from sids every year it is believed that when a baby sleeps in baby crib bumpers the limited air ventilation causes the baby to continuously breathe in the same air that has been circulating around the crib hence the baby inadvertently suffers from lack of fresh oxygen the breathable bumper on the other hand is made from mesh that is breathable even when the material is pressed up against your nose like the traditional baby crib bumper the breathable bumper will also be able to keep your baby safe as he or she rolls around the crib the breathable bumper is also capable of cushioning your baby in case of bumping incidents some babies also have a tendency of sticking their feet or hands out in between the railing of the crib as the breathable bumper is slotted between the slats of the crib there are no more fears of waking up to find that your offspring has gotten a limb stuck between the railings either just like baby crib bumpers the breathable bumper is also aesthetically pleasing to the eye the typical breathable bumper is affordable and comes in a variety of colors that can be easily paired with bedding sets comments 0 187 are breathable bumpers safe posted on 30th may 2011 in breathable bumper crib bumper most parents and guardians usually hesitate for several months before actually getting their baby breathable bumpers because this product is synonymous with crib bumper pads the infant accessory that has been known to have fatal consequences for the baby in terms of construction there are physical differences between the crib bumper pads and the breathable bumper crib bumper pads tend to come with older versions of the infant crib and are made from heavy padding to protect the baby 8217 s body parts during bumping incidents the breathable bumper on the other hand is made from thin mesh like material that is capable of absorbing impact forces and is installed along the railing of the infant crib both the crib bumper pads and the breathable bumper can add a touch of color and character to a baby 8217 s infant crib thanks to the variation in design color and pattern unlike the breathable bumper crib bumper pads pose serious risks to the baby including strangulation entrapment and suffocation when your child eventually grows strong enough to stand on his or her own feet the crib bumper pad could also be used as a foothold to help climb out of their cribs as well which could then lead to further serious injury for the baby to counter these problems the breathable bumper was created as like its namesake this design allows the baby to continuously breathe even when they are pushed up or stuck against the bumper this bumper design would also intentionally crumble under the additional weight of a baby wanting to climb out of the crib the biggest nightmare for new parents would be to have their baby die from sudden infant death syndrome sids the reason for sids has been pinpointed to the design of bumper pads which do not allow proper air ventilation in the crib due to the poor airflow condition said baby will continuously inhale air that has already been exhaled before which is also believed to be the cause of sids because breathable bumpers are constructed from mesh like material fresh air can easily pass through the surface and reduce the risk of sids for the baby lying in the crib in other words the breathable bumper has all the benefits of a crib bumper minus the potential health hazards according to the american academy of pediatrics no soft or loose bedding items should be installed in an infant crib bumper pads should also be firm and secured tightly to the crib rails as well in order to reduce the risk of strangulation rail ties should also be trimmed after the bumper pad is attached to the railings of the infant crib one other good thing about breathable bumpers is that they are designed to stay taut when installed along the crib railing which means that your child will be well padded when bumping and rolling around the crib and you won 8217 t have to worry about sids suffocation strangulation or entrapment best of all you won 8217 t have to wake up in the middle of the night nervous about the fact that your child may have an appendage stuck in between the railings of the infant crib comments 0 187 what are breathable bumpers posted on 29th may 2011 in breathable bumper breathable bumpers are an accessory to the infant bed that allows the baby to breathe easier even when they end up sleeping pressed against the sides of the infant crib while infant beds offer more support than a bassinet and allows your infant to roll around safely hundreds of babies get into accidents every year when they get stuck along the corners and sides of the infant bed babies rolling around in a crib are really really cute but things could also get ugly and noisy once a baby bumps his or her head against the side of the infant crib to counter this problem most parents line the inner surface areas of their infant cribs with crib bumpers that work to muffle the impact of a baby rolling his or her head against the side of the crib the problem with crib bumpers is that while it protects the baby from harming itself it causes plenty of other serious problems including suffocation and infant death on the other hand breathable bumpers are essentially crib bumpers made from breathable material this means that even if your baby rolls and gets stuck against the bumper he or she will still be able to inhale oxygen breathable bumpers must be thin enough to allow easy breathing for the baby and yet needs to be sturdy enough to keep the baby safely confined within the infant crib most breathable bumpers are made from a mesh like material which is robust but also easy to breathe through these bumpers also come in two parts where the shorter piece is designed to fit around the front end of the crib whereas the longer piece fits along the sides and back of the crib another variation of the design consists of both parts of the bumpers being of equal length instead depending on the design of your infant crib before you purchase your breathable bumper it 8217 s important that you measure and decide on whether your infant crib is standard with a single drop side or double drop sides ‚ other designs of the infant crib includes the convertible that transforms from a standard crib to a toddler bed as well as the canopy crib held up by metal frames as at this time of writing there has yet to be a baby product company that comes up with round cribs so while the design is becoming increasingly popular you should also shop with the safety and comfort of your baby in mind while all breathable bumpers tend to look the same baby product companies differentiate their designs in terms of color and pattern most breathable baby bumpers come in yellow lilac blue pink sage or plain white borders in order to add a more personal touch to the crib and baby the bottom line is that anything that will protect the newborn from a bruised head and limbs is surely worth the trouble to install the last thing you would want is to have your kid screaming in the night due to a leg or arm that 8217 s stuck in the crib too ‚ best of all breathable bumpers are also easy to detach and wash so it is both hygienic as well as highly functional comments 0 187 privacy policy powered by wordpress copy
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